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The Perennial Waters Collection: From Hydroponics to Aquaponics

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About us

The Loch Ness Botanical Society is an Industrial Automation as a Service (I3AS) venture that harnesses the decentralized power of web3 technologies to enable greater access to botanical automation. It offers membership tokens providing control over one grow spot in its automated aquaponics grow operations, allowing token holders to choose what will be grown, keep the product or the revenue, or a bit of both. The Loch Ness Botanical Society is committed to creating a self-sustaining system, where individuals and communities are empowered by access to automated growing solutions.

Using NFT technologies, the team has created digital provenance solutions for its products, allowing for greater transparency and trust in their systems. The Loch Ness Botanical Society offers services that provide its members with guidance and support on their journey to becoming more independent and economically empowered. With access to the latest automated solutions, members can actively take part in the production process, while reducing delivery times, cutting costs and eliminating complexities.

In striving to create more than it consumes, The Loch Ness Botanical Society is transforming the agricultural industry one grow spot at a time. Its products and services have enabled people to take greater control of their environment and build resilient communities in the process. From small backyard gardens to large commercial operations, The Loch Ness Botanical Society is committed to helping people create sustainable and meaningful lives.

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Perennial Waters Collection Roadmap

2024 will be the Year of the Loch Ness. Anticipate the opening of our Grande Atrium housing 4200 plants.

The Grand Atrium

Our first objective is the design, construction, and inauguration of The Loch Ness Botanical Society's Grand Atrium in Angel Fire, NM. The Perrenial Waters Collection will require a facility that can house 4,200 plants. We are working with consulting partners to ensure that our grow floor and process meet the highest standards using the latest in horticultural technology.

Estimated Duration:
1-2 Years

The Farm

From the very beginning, we will be looking to acquire a large parcel of land or a parcel that has adjacent parcels that may remain available to us in the future. Once the grow operation is commercially operational, we will begin developing the remaining land for cultivation of our own outdoor, mountain-grown (MG) cannabis, and eventually vegetables, fruits, and herbs of all varieties. The farm will not be tuned for yield but for quality, using eco-friendly processes.

Estimated Duration:
1-2 Years

Complete PWC Customization

Our greatest ambition with this project is to allow cannabis lovers to design their own strains through our grow operation while having as granular control over the process as possible. The degree of customization available to PWC Grow Spot sponsors will be as comprehensive as possible. We hope to utilize the latest in genetic sequencing and editing technology to enable this degree of customization and make it available to PWC members in perpetuity.

Estimated Duration:
3 Years


The Resort

Our own TLN golf course, recreational facilities, and equestrian facility.

Estimated Duration:
8 Years

The Loch Ness Process

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Our Collection

The Perennial Waters Collection, aquaponic 4200 plants, and The Satellite Project, 200 plants, are two of the latest I3AS projects from The Loch Ness Botanical Society, providing access to automated operations for individuals and communities.


The Loch Ness Botanical Society is bringing automation to the world with a heart and a mission: automation for all.

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